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October 12, 2016

Some Batty Trivia

Bats are the only mammals that fly.
(Flying squirrels merely glide)

October 11, 2016

Keep It or Toss It?

Wondering if that jar of horseradish is still good to eat? Find out at StillTasty, your ultimate shelf life guide. There's a fridge-full of other info on the site with answers to many common perishable food questions:

Can You Safely Drink Milk After the Sell-By Date?
Is it OK to Put Hot Food Directly Into the Fridge?
Are Eggs Still Safe After the Expiration Date?

(yes, yes, yes, but as for me re: the milk-ONLY after intensive sniffing and extremely cautious sipping. Personally, I would rather get slapped in the face than drink sour milk.)

October 8, 2016


onychophagist Noun (plural onychophagists)

(rare) A person who bites his or her fingernails.

 Origin: From Ancient Greek ὀνυχο- (onuch), combining form of ὄνυξ (onux, “claw, nail”) + -φαγος (phagos, “eater”), from ἐφαγόν (ephagon, “I ate”).

I never met a plumber with that problem.