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December 30, 2013

No Surprise Here

You Should Work With Things

You definitely aren't a misanthrope, but you find people difficult to understand and deal with at times.

You're much more productive working alone - building systems, analyzing data, or honing your own technique.

No matter what career you choose, you do best in a field where you can be left alone to specialize, tinker, and invent.

A focused, intense person like you would make a great surgeon. Or a fabulous architect. Or a superstar computer programmer. 



oeillade oeil·lade [œ-yad] noun, plural oeil·lades [œ-yad] French

an amorous glance; ogle.

Even though I wasn't familar with this term, I've always liked to do an oeillade. The trick is to not get caught at it.

As in this game: Lust for Bust

Beer Bottle Cap

There are 21 "teeth" on the standard beer bottle cap.

Useless information?  Perhaps, but it might win you a free beer on a bet in a bar.

December 29, 2013

Marie's Blog

I missed this when the show was on, but with the Breaking Bad marathon going on this weekend, the BB Facebook page did a post on it. If you are/were a big fan of the series, you might find it funny.

December 28, 2013

Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd

One-Eared Insect

The only insect known to have just one ear is the mantis, also commonly referred to as a "praying mantis".  Its single ear has two eardrums and is capable of picking up ultrasonic sounds, essential in detecting the echolocation cries of the bat, one of its biggest predators.

Oddly enough, it was just a few days ago I saw this bit of trivia on the same day of the anniversary of Vincent van Gogh cutting off his ear.

December 27, 2013


cryophobia - fear of extreme cold, frost or ice.

I don't "fear" those things but intensely dislike them...and it's not so much dislike of them but rather a hatred of the huge heating bills that accompany extreme cold, frost or ice.

Sometimes they make me want to cry...and that's a phobia I can do without.

December 25, 2013

Holiday Greetings to All!

Sincere holiday greetings to my online friends, family and everyone else who visits my pathetic excuse for a blog. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic new year!

Holiday Element

I don't really think these result apply to me at all; I don't shine "especially bright" at this time of year and don't have a lot of fun, nor do I craft fun items.  Since the Cowboys usually melt down during December, I'm usually not enthusiastic or optimistic. I DO try to make the best of the holiday, though.  I really haven't cared about the holiday since my momma passed away. -sigh-

The one thing that's right is that my holiday element is fire- I wish I had a fireplace for a little extra warmth and to lessen the huge natural gas bills during the winter.

Your Holiday Element is Fire

You shine brightly every time of year, but you shine especially bright during the holidays.

You have so much fun this time of year - whether you're getting friends together or crafting fun items.

You are enthusiastic and optimistic about the holidays. You make the best of whatever holiday you're able to have.

You know this is a hard time of year for some, so you try to cheer up everyone you know with cookie deliveries and little surprises. 


EDIT TO ADD: No, I don't have a fireplace, but I had forgotten about this Hulu video I saw a while back. Guess I could get my electric heater and put it at chest level while I sit at the computer and have it blast on me while I watch the vid.  There are several versions, some w/ music.

Fireplace for Your Home: Classic Edition (2013)

You Just Might Be A Scrooge

From the Photobucket archives:

You Just Might Be A Scrooge...

If your only contact with three spirits on Christmas Eve is gin, vodka and bourbon.

If you turn on the lawn sprinklers on Christmas Eve to keep carolers away.
If you buy all of your Christmas gifts at a store that also sells gas.

If your favorite version of "Babes in Toyland" stars Michael Jackson.

If you get your Christmas Tree at a rest stop at night.

If you give bathroom fixtures as Christmas gifts.

If your prized Christmas ornament is Santa Claus shooting the moon.

If your favorite Christmas movie is Jurassic Park.

If your idea of Christmas dinner is a six pack of beer and a cheese log.

If you think "Ho, Ho, Ho" is a line from a Rocky movie.

If your best Christmas tradition involves a fire and reindeer meat.

If your favorite version of "Silent Night" is sung by OJ Simpson.

If your favorite past time is putting defective bulbs in your neighbors' string of Christmas lights or defacing Christmas lawn caricatures with egg nog.

And, finally - if your only holiday decoration is a rotting pumpkin - you just might be a Scrooge.

December 24, 2013

Silent Night

Silent Night was first performed Christmas Eve 1818 at St Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, Austria. The song was written a year before, the lyrics by the young priest Father Joseph Mohr and the melody by Franz Gruber.

Over the years, the song's fame spread throughout the world, but neither man enjoyed the work's success. Mohr died penniless in 1848 and Gruber lived in obscurity and died in poverty in 1863.

December 23, 2013

Sounds (that drive me) Crazy

Remember this Overstock.com commercial? It's been one of my favorite adverts of all-time. The woman is Sabine Ehrenfeld, a German model and actress born in Nov. 1963. I liked the commercial not just because she's pretty, but there's *something* about her voice that drives me wild, sending shivers down my spine. ("good" shivers) I'm not sure if it's the pitch or timbre of her voice that does it, but she's not the only female that does it to me; Shania Twain and Trisha Yearwood also affect me much the same way. 

Now, I'm not particularly a huge fan of Twain and Yearwood's music;  I like country just fine, but it's not my favorite musical genre.  I do have a few tunes of each perfomer in my mp3 jukebox, but haven't collected their albums like you might think I would, especially considering how their voices make me feel.  In fact, it's not Yearwood's singing voice that does it for me, but rather just her ordinary way of speaking.  I try to catch her new cooking show on the Food Network as often as possible, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.  I like her recipes just fine, but mostly enjoy listening to her talk.

While I'm on the subject of cooking shows, there's another lovely lady whose voice also drives me nuts and that's Nigella Lawson. I also try to watch her show as often as it comes on the network, but to be honest? Five minutes after the show was over I doubt I could tell you what she had cooked , but could definitely tell you the color of the sweater she had worn.  Worn very well. -ahem-

12 Days of Christmas

December 22, 2013


fiddlesticks fid·dle·sticks [fid-l-stiks] interjection
(used to express impatience, dismissal, etc.)

fiddlestick fid·dle·stick [fid-l-stik] noun
anything; a bit: "I don't care a fiddlestick for what they say."

I had to laugh when I saw this as the World of the Day; just a couple of weeks ago, I was telling an employee of a store where I purchase the Beej's food that there hadn't been any on the shelf in over a month. "Oh, yeah." the young woman replied. "That's one of those things we didn't get on the truck.".

I didn't believe her.  "Fiddlesticks!" I said. "The office marks you out of the product?" I asked in a blustering manner, knowing how their inventory system worked. "Mmm-huh." the girl said with a surety I knew was feigned.

"Fiddlesticks!" I said again. I knew they had been having problems keeping employees, but it wasn't just cat food that wasn't being put out; I estimated that at least 10-15% of their shelving was empty.  "Why would they mark YOU out of the product when your other store always has it in stock?" I went on ranting: "That's where I've been having to go to get it.".

"What was that you said to me?" asked the young woman, acting offended. I repeated what I had said, that the other store had it and..."No, at first, that 'fiddle-something'?" I started to explain, but about that time the mgr. showed up and wanted to know what was wrong. I repeated my problem and the girl interrupted "He wants some sort of fiddle cat food."

The manager looked at me like I was nuts and I laughed and told her I had said "fiddlesticks", not believing they didn't have any of the cat food and that I bet it was in the back room. The manager, a woman not quite my age but quite a bit older than her employee, laughed too. "Fiddlesticks" said the mgr. to her employee. "It's an old-fashioned and polite way of saying 'Bullsh*t'!"

Anyway, long story short, the mgr. consulted her inventory sheets and the young woman was sent to the back room to dig though the mountainous pile of stock to find the cat food.  Sure 'nuff, they had loads of it. I bought a couple of cartons, enough to last the Beej for a few weeks.

From now on, maybe I shouldn't use such a polite term as "fiddlesticks".  I've got plenty of the regular curse words in stock.

Holiday Greetings

You Are Merry Christmas

You are a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays, and you aren't going to be politically correct about it.

You celebrate Christmas, and you don't think there's any reason to hide it. Most other people celebrate it too.

You are content to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas." It doesn't have to be a religious thing.

"Happy Holidays" is just too generic for your taste. You aren't going to tone down your greeting for anyone. 



I'm sitting here waiting on the Cowboys/Redskins game that starts at noon and the host on the online radio show I'm listening to said it's raining in Washington, DC.  I decided I'd go look at the DC area weather radar to see if it looked like it would rain all through the game. (I'm thinking Dallas would benefit from good, dry weather because I think the offense will have to carry the day)

On the website header there is a graphic with two of the station's weather people;  I didn't pay them much mind at first, but after looking at the radar, my gaze was drawn back to them...they looked familiar:

The graphic says their names are Doug Hill and Jacqui Jeras, but I'm not so sure.

I think it's Joe Biden and Gwyneth Paltrow moonlighting at their second jobs.

December 21, 2013

Sober Santa

The object of the game is simple: Using the keyboard arrow keys, get Santa drunk by guiding him to the champagne bottles; after that, nab the gifts as they appear....all the while trying to keep him from falling off the roof.

Santa's pretty snockered, though, so you'll have to excuse his belching and passing gas.

December 20, 2013

My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been good all year  most of the time   once in a while.

I'll just buy my own presents.


December 19, 2013

Right Addy, Wrong Sex

Took the link out; I didn't click on it and I certainly wouldn't want you to do so, either. As always, though, I left in the email address in hopes they get as much spam sent back to them as they send out.

Daisy O'Neill   Daisy@thwllbawr.com
Hello Mike,

I’m just a simple woman like you are trying to raise my kids decently and make my husband happy.

Not too long ago, I also had an annoying boss in my daily agenda.

Thanks God, it’s not the case anymore :) Today I am confident, relaxed and truly happy.

I couldn’t have done it without my friend, Carla, opening my eyes.
So here I am, trying to become a friend of yours, showing you all the things that changed my life.

I’m talking about a few hours a day to raise your living standards.

You’ll be able to spoil your kids, surprise your husband and dedicate some time for yourself
Have I made you curious? It’s all in here, so just click!

 Your entrance ticket here Mike

I’m quite new to this too, so I’d love staying in touch, watching each other’s progress :)


Saturday Siren Sounds

They test the system ea. Sat. at noon, except when there is stormy weather in the area or during high school commencement ceremonies. They also break in on all cable channels with a test message preceded by a different sounding and extremely loud and harsh-toned siren, interrupting my Martha Bakes program on PBS.

That is NOT a good thing.*

*Just in case you aren't familiar with Martha Stewart, "That's a good thing." is a signature phrase she uses.


transpontine trans·pon·tine[trans-pon-tin, -tahyn] adjective

1. across or beyond a bridge.
2. on the southern side of the Thames in London.

I had never seen this word in print nor heard it used, but after seeing it I was reminded of something my sisters and I used to do on trips with our parents; we'd come to a bridge and we'd all hold our breath until we got to the other side.

I remember one particularly long bridge we crossed while on vacation and my oldest sister and I gave up and started breathing again before we passed out but my other sister acted like she was holding her breath all the way. She had her lips pursed tight and face scrunched up like it was painful but it was obvious she was breathing through her nose because her chest was moving. After we got to the other side, she "let out" the air with an explosive gasp and denied that she had cheated. 

Years later she got onto me for telling my nephews how I would do when I had to jump center in basketball against a much taller boy; right before the referee threw the ball up in the air, I'd step on the guy's foot. Sometimes I got away with it, other times I got a foul called against me. It irked me to have my sister criticize me about cheating when she cheated at a childhood game like holding your breath while crossing the bridge. Oh well.

Like most other kids, we did things like that to pass the time. We'd also hold our feet up when crossing railroad tracks and touch the roof of the car when going under an elevated railway crossing when a train was passing overhead.

I still do that last one!

There's Something Fishy

About these quiz results!

Don't get me wrong; I like fish sandwiches.  I've bought fish sticks and put them on a bun (hot dog, preferably), slathered it w/ tartar sauce and chowed down. (Aren't fish sticks the equivalent of a hot dog, anyway?  You really don't know what-all types of fish are in them)

That said, I am definitely not a fish burger.  I thought about getting a hamburger tonight after I went to the grocery store, but I always want fries w/ them and that many carbs are just not good for me.  Still, if I had to choose between a fish burger and a hamburger (cheeseburger!), I'd almost always opt for the hamburger. (with cheese!)  I guess if I had burgers every day for a week, I might want a change-of-pace and pick the fish burger, but straight up I'll choose the hamburger. (with cheese, please!)

You Are a Fish Burger
You tend to be a healthy eater, but not because you try so hard. You simply like a variety of interesting foods.

You love flavor, spice, and interesting new creations. You may not consider yourself a foodie, but you are a very adventurous eater.

You are an optimistic, good-humored person who loves to step outside your comfort zone. Normal is boring!

You are curious about the world and other people. You live an open and expansive life that you're constantly adding to. 


Shape Trace

Shape Trace is a maddeningly frustrating game, so much so I can't put the tag "fun" on this post.

You'll be shown a shape and then be asked to use your mouse to trace the outline:

The big trouble with that normally easy task is when you start, the shape disappears and you have to do the trace from memory:

That was my best effort, and it still wasn't good enough to move on to the next level. I'm not sure just what excuse I should offer up, because I'm not drunk nor am I hungover...maybe I should go get tested for Parkinsons? (seriously) It's not that I can't recall where the lip of the bowl was, it's that I cannot get my mouse to cooperate.

I never was much good with an Etch A Sketch®, either.

A "bump" from 2009.

December 17, 2013

Cat v. Chicken

Sorry it's so huge of a file, but I thought it really funny.

December 16, 2013


misoneism mis·o·ne·ism [mis-oh-nee-iz-uhm, mahy-soh-] noun

hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.

I wasn't familiar with this word, but definitely am familiar with the definition. I'm one of those people who resist change, but it's basically with websites or operating systems or the layouts of my favorite stores (especially when products I often buy are put somewhere else!).  When I get used to something, it's hard for me to change over to the new system...but I eventually do.  What annoys me the most is when I don't see the upside to the change and think that it's just change for changes sake.

I've never seen this term applied to them, but many conservatives get accused of a hatred of change, but in most cases, that's not true or deserved.  I can't speak for other conservatives, but as for me, I don't generally dislike the change after I get used to it, but I don't like things to be changed just to be changed.   If the change is good...and doesn't cost a ton of money...then I'm all for it.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.   Dallas Cowboys, why in the world did you abandon the run when it was working so well?  The conservative approach was winning the ball game.

December 15, 2013


creepy – adjective, creepier, creepiest

1. having or causing a creeping sensation of the skin, as from horror or fear: a creepy ghost story.
2. that creeps: a creepy insect.
3. Slang. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is a creep; obnoxious; weird.

This isn't the word of the day from our feed in the right-hand column. No, it's the first word that came to mind when I viewed the following video.

(and I was spot-on with the word I chose, according to the definitions)

December 14, 2013

It's Lonely in My Skull

Not much in there besides some shallow thoughts.

You Live a Solitary Life

You love to be alone in quiet contemplation. If you are forced to socialize, you tend to be a wallflower.

You like to focus more on fantasy than reality. You are concerned with what is possible not what is actual.

You'd like to be remembered more for your work than who you are as a person. You want to make important contributions.

In fact, you're the type of person who others may not understand until they have seen what you have created.

Solitary Man - Neil Diamond


umbriferous um·brif·er·ous [uhm-brif-er-uhs] [uhm-brif-er-uhs] adjective

casting or making shade

I've slimmed down quite a bit, but at one time I was umbriferous.

The Death Report

December 12, 2013

Grant's Gold Watch

In 1857, years before he was a general in the Civil War and long before becoming President, Ulysses S. Grant pawned his gold watch for $22 to buy Christmas gifts for his pregnant wife and their three children.

Read more about this and see a photocopy of the pawn ticket here.

December 11, 2013

I'm Ashamed To Be a Fan

I saw that posted on the Facebook and other Dallas Cowboy fan sites today after the blowout loss by the 'Boys Monday night against "da Bears".  I also saw "I'm embarrassed by them!"

I was disappointed, sure; a win would have kept them tied with the Eagles at the top of the division, but embarrassed?  Ashamed?  No, of course not.  I slept like a baby last night and only got annoyed today when turning to a sports show on TV or on the radio where I had to watch/listen to so-called experts who list all the things wrong with the team or what they would have done differently. 

Sure, it's easy to look back with 20-20 hindsight and say what should have been done, but if they're so smart, then why are they not coaching an NFL team instead of calling in to a radio or TV show (or hosting one) and griping? It's one thing to have a former player or coach critique the team's play, but for some schmuck on the couch to pretend to be an expert...well, that's too much.  Those armchair quarterbacks upset me more than how the Cowboys play.

Look, if you're ashamed of your team, then maybe it's time to root for another one;  I know I would.  Then again, I know I have absolutely nothing to do with the Cowboy's success OR failure.  Wearing a Dallas jersey and screaming at the TV doesn't help, no matter how loud you yell.

Embarrassed by the team?  Not me;  I get embarrassed when I accidentally pull out in front of someone while driving, or look down after I've been into a half dozen public places and see that my fly is unzipped.  (so THAT'S why people were giggling!) If you're embarrassed by one or more of your friends - who root for other teams - making fun of your team...well then, you really need new friends.  Both your and their priorities are in the wrong place.

I used to get upset when I was a kid and Dallas would lose...then again, I was 12 yrs. old and they were an important part of my life - along with many other things I now wonder why I set so much store in when I was that age.  I was immature, and I think that's the problem with a lot of these "ashamed" and "embarrassed" fans. 

Grow up.  It's just a game.  At the end of the season, only one team's fans will be happy, that's the way it works.   If you really want to be upset by games, then watch C-Span and the games our politicians play.  Now THAT'S something that should make you embarrassed and ashamed.

Christmas Presence - Simon's Cat

Breaking Bad Caricatures

I wish I could post one of these hilarious caricatures as an example, but I don't have permission, so just go to the site to view.

Breaking Bad characters as you’ve never seem them before

December 10, 2013


ochlophobia och·lo·pho·bi·a[ok-luh-foh-bee-uh]
noun Psychiatry
an abnormal fear of crowds

I don't know if it's to the point of "abnormal", but I definitely don't like crowds. Most of my fear stems from seeing both movies and real life video of crowds panicking and storming the exits, trampling over anyone who has the misfortune of falling down in front of the mass of people. Crowds also stink: body odor, flatulance, bad breath, too much hairspray or perfume...just thinking about it makes me gag.

Crowds are also the reason I haven't been to a pro ball game in years or a concert. Nah, just let me watch on TV.

December 9, 2013

I Want to Punch This Quiz

I take these quizzes and save them to a Notepad document to post later because I don't like to publish too many of them in a short space of time on the blog; I must have taken this one after participating in a political forum and been really annoyed. I generally only get aggressive when someone is aggressive to me first.

If I'm aggressive, it has to be George Bush's fault.

You Are Aggressive

Your anger and cynicism have morphed into something more extreme: aggression.

You find it easy to be annoyed, and it's almost as easy for you to lose your temper.

While it does feel good to get out a little low level anger now and then, aggression can be dangerous.

If you can't control your temper, you could end up hurting yourself or someone else. Be careful! 

Color Change

Did you know the ruby slippers worn by Dorothy in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz were originally silver in the book?

The Wikidrummer

Exploring the effects of reverberation

December 6, 2013


slumgullion slum·gul·lion [sluhm-guhl-yuhn, sluhm-guhl-] noun

1. a stew of meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc.
2. a beverage made weak or thin, as watery tea, coffee, or the like.
3. the refuse from processing whale carcasses.
4. a reddish, muddy deposit in mining sluices.

I haven't heard this words in years and years; my pop used it every now 'n then when referring to my mom's goulash - which really wasn't a true goulash, more like beefaroni. (but much, much better) I don't remember if momma was offended by it, but pop was probably close in the choice of words. Slumgullion is what I call my own "throw everything left in the fridge into the crockpot" dishes, but I always meant it to be derogatory towards my own cooking.

December 5, 2013

Greenland, USA

Did you know the United States once tried to buy Greenland? From Wiki

Following World War II, the United States developed a geopolitical interest in Greenland, and in 1946 the United States offered to buy Greenland from Denmark for $100,000,000, but Denmark refused to sell. However, in 1950, Denmark did agree to allow the United States to reestablish Thule Air Base, which was greatly expanded between 1951 and 1953 as part of a unified NATO Cold War defense strategy.

It's Clear in the Mirror

Your Aura is Red

You have a high level of emotion. This can mean passion, but it can also mean rage.

Usually, you don't take these emotions out on others. You just use them as motivation - and it works!

The purpose of your life: embracing all the wonders of the life, lots of travels, and tons of adventures

Famous reds include: Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez

Careers for you to try: Dancer, Boxer, Surgeon 


In case you aren't familiar with Auras, from Wiki: In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola in religious art). The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness. Sometimes, however, it is said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura. Often it is held to be perceptible, whether spontaneously or with practice: such perception is at times linked with the third eye of Indian spirituality. Various writers associate various personality traits with the colors of different layers of the aura. It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person.

Personally, I'm not much of a believer in this sort of thing. I was with a woman I was dating several years ago and just outside a video store we bumped into a former classmate of my big sister. Now, this woman was - to put it as politely as I can - pretty much a "space cadet". She claimed she had been contacted by aliens and was into all the New Age spirituality long before most of the rest of us in our small town had ever even heard of it.

I introduced my friend to this woman and immediately after the introduction, she told my date "Your aura is lovely." My friend took it in stride, thanked her and excused herself to go on into the store. I talked with the woman a while longer, catching up on what each other had been doing, discussed our families, then I asked her "What color is MY aura?"

"Oh, it's very dark, dark indeed, nearly black."

Hell, I couldn't see it but could've guessed that. I'm sure it always gets darker when I'm around crazy people.

December 4, 2013

Just In Case

You haven't had your daily dose of "cute".

I visit the Murray McMurray Hatchery website fairly often, subscribe to both their catalog mailings and their email newsletters and subscribe to their YouTube channel

I couldn't decide which video to use f/ this post, so I picked one w/ the most "unusual" looking chicks.  Hey, it was either chicks or their latest video, the EZ Plucker.


From the website:

Smugopedia is a collection of slightly controversial opinions about a variety of subjects.

We offer you the chance to buy a fleeting sense of self-satisfaction at the small cost of alienating your friends and loved ones

December 3, 2013

Number Gossip

Enter a number and it will tell you everything you wanted to know about the number but were afraid to ask.

I first used my old h.s. football number:

* The 61st Fibonacci number (2504730781961) is the smallest Fibonacci number which contains all the digits from 0 to 9
* 61 is the smallest multidigit prime p such that the sum of digits of pp is a square
* 61 is the smallest prime whose reversal is a square

I like the number 23:

# 23 is the smallest group of people where there is more than a 50% chance that 2 people will share the same birthday (day and month, not year)
# 23 is the smallest isolated prime, i.e., not an element of a set of twin primes
# 23 is the smallest prime whose reversal is a power: 32 = 25
# 23 is the only prime p such that p! is p digits long
# 23 is the least pandigital factorial, that is it contains all the digits 0 through 9 at least once
# 23 is the smallest prime p such that the ring of integers in the cyclotomic field of pth roots of unity does not have unique factorization

Believe it or not, but I knew that first bit of information (about the birthdays), having read it in an old "bar tricks" book I used to have. The rest of it, though....

December 2, 2013


twain [tweyn] adjective, noun

Being a Kipling fan, I was familiar with the word because of his poem The Ballad of East and West with the oft-quoted first line:

Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat;
But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!

Other than that, I'm not sure it's a word used much these days, other than referring to "two" other Twains -  Mark and Shania.

We Found Love - Lindsey Stirling

December 1, 2013

First is Third

In the United States, First Street is the third most common street name, right after Second and Third Streets.  The next most common street names are Fourth, Park, Fifth, Main, Sixth, Oak and Seventh.